Let me introduce myself..

My name is Soph. I live near Glasgow, Scotland and I’m a mum to one beautiful baby boy.

After my little boy Harris was born in March this year, it became clear just how different it is capturing memories now compared to my younger days. Growing up all our holiday photos had to be developed and then they were organised into photo albums complete with month/year/location, and I have to admit, there is something very nostalgic about having all these old photographs to hand. Nowadays, the vast majority of our memories are captured on a phone (mostly because its at hand 24/7) but what if we lost it all?

There are currently millions of YouTube and Instagram accounts out there, and some that I follow have really inspired me to get more involved in these social media platforms. I love the idea of sharing my motherhood journey as well as our family memories and being able to reflect back on these moments through other channels. With that in mind, I’ve set up my blog, bought a camera, and I cant wait to get started!

I want this to be a positive platform for us to engage and perhaps even inspire you to set up your own space. So, if you love my stories, and would like to see more lifestyle, motherhood, fashion, beauty, food, and interior living blogging – don’t forget to follow me and subscribe!

love Soph x

Hi! I’m new here!

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